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About Us

MANUFACTURER OF Handcrafted Collectable High End Aircraft Models made of Philippine Mahogany

In the early 90's, BRUCECRAFT, Inc. started making collectable quality handmade aircraft and ship models. Now, it is considered as one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of handcrafted high quality Philippine-made aircraft models. Some of them are of the following like Wright flyer, Vintage Planes, WWI, WWII planes, Commercial Planes, Private Planes, Jet Planes, Modern War Planes, Spacecrafts, Vintage Ship, World War II War Ship and Sail Boats models.

Our expert craftsmens who have the experience and expertise in producing quality models are the one who is behind this products.

There are several steps and critical aspects to follow in producing this quality hand-made aircrafts and ships model and these are as follows:

Selection of quality raw materials

This steps is very critical since the quality of the product is dependent on the quality raw materials to be used  a well done kiln dried mahogany wood.

Wood Carving

This is also one among the critical steps in producing quality product since the shape and form of the model should be based on the actual model and patterned exactly on what has been designed from the blueprint. This was done by the expert wood carver using quality carving materials and equipment such as chisel, handsaw and forming knives.

Wood Sanding

After the wood has been carved to its model, it will automatically undergo sanding to make the product refined and smooth before the coating of the putty. This process will then undergo for eight to ten (8 to 10) times until reaches the desired quality output.

Color Spraying

Once the sanding and putty has been through, it will directly undergo the process of color spraying and final painting of the desired color combination.

This stage of which the quality has to be checked and inspected by the expert product controller before packaging the product to be able to know if the quality of the product is within the set standard.

Final cleaning should be done before the packaging stage to insure the quality of product.


We have over thousands of models in our line and thousands more photos and blueprints ready to be carved and made into collectable items. We also accept custom-made models and wholesale.

BRUCECRAFT,INC. is your friendly craftsman next door. Our price is moderate and our products are guaranteed to have high quality! Copyright 2002 Mahongay Aircraft & Ship model